014: How To Lead Others To Excellence & Joy | Rich Sheridan | ‘Joy, Inc.’

By Maya Mathias | Businessmen

Attaining joy at work can be simple, but it typically isn’t easy.

Which is what makes all the more rewarding when you DO attain it.

It took me a while to get into this lovely book by Rich Sheridan.  I wanted to take my time with its thoughtfulness, and to immerse myself in the world that Rich had created for Menlo Innovations, the software development company that he co-founded.

Rich’s mission is bold and inviting. In these pages, he outlines the clear and decisive steps he’s taken to invigorate his employees, and to build in the structures and accountability that do not quash their freedom but instead enhance it.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a leadership development specialist and an in-the-trenches leader, it’s that we need to be able to hold seemingly contradictory notions at the same time.  For instance, how do you maintain the larger vision without neglecting the finer details?  And in this case of building a joyful culture, how do you sustain the vision of a work environment that hums with tangible joy without sacrificing quality, precision or a job done well?

Rich does a wonderful job of holding these contradictions, and having them feed each other in very practical ways.  In his world, there is joy in providing structure, and there is power in freeing his employees to define how they spend their days fulfilling their individual and collective missions.

Be sure to do the takeaway exercise at the end of the show – it will help you re-frame the way you perceive project management or team leadership.


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