017: See The Bloom Of The Present Moment | Jon Kabat-Zinn | ‘Wherever You Go There You Are’

By Maya Mathias | Philosophers

Understanding mindfulness comes from practicing it.

I grew up in a Buddhist family, so mindfulness was very much a part of my vocabulary and life philosophy. But it has almost no religious connotations (if that happens to be an issue for you) and we can all benefit from it.

The growing buzz about mindful leadership is both timely and timeless. Throughout history, the most effective and influential leaders are mindful about what they do, think and feel. They know that their inner world has a dramatic effect on their outer ability to lead, govern, or cajole. And they also know that a mindfulness practice can lead to more inner peace and fulfillment.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. It’s important to know that the full benefits of mindfulness come from practicing it, not just reading about it or understanding it intellectually.

If you’re new to the concept of mindfulness, this episode of the Executive Book Club Podcast sheds light on the what and why of it.

And if you already have a mindfulness practice, listen for new nuggets with a beginner’s mind.

From my open heart to yours, look for ways to incorporate mindfulness into your life. It has a lot to offer you.


If you have favorite books or authors you’d like to hear about on the show, especially if you’ve been meaning to read that certain book and just haven’t gotten around to it, then let me know right here.

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