019: How To Feel Alive | Rob Lowe | ‘Love Life’

By Maya Mathias | Artists

Most of us cherish life only when we come dangerously close to losing it.

Sometimes, it happens via a wake-up call or (to borrow a Christian phrase) a ‘come to Jesus’ moment. It can take the form of a tragic personal loss, a health scare or professional setbacks.

For some of us, the realization of how precious our life is builds slowly, one milestone, one decision and one relationship at a time.

And so it has been with Hollywood actor Rob Lowe. Each chapter of his book Love Life is a declaration, a battle cry almost, to inhale each and every moment to the fullest. He has lived the highest of highs personally and professionally, and bravely faced the lowest of lows via his addiction and public scandals.

That he writes about all this with humor and lightheartedness, and that he still stands strong and excited to wake up each day is a testament to his unbridled love for life. I was fortunate enough to meet him for a few minutes, inspired enough to write about it, and motivated enough to declare my passions as a writer and ask for your support with my own quest to feel more alive every day.

Here’s to your full, lovely and loved life!


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Till next time, remember to live well and lead large.

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