020: Finding New Ways To Govern | Moises Naim | ‘The End Of Power’

By Maya Mathias | Statesmen

The power we’ve come to know is in decay.

We’ve all felt it for a number of years, but Moises Naim’s well-researched book puts it in historical and statistical perspective.

Power ain’t what it used to be. Large is no longer best, competition for hearts and minds has never been fiercer or more global, and leaders are struggling to stay relevant, convincing and effective.

We may not have all the answers in terms of ‘so what, and what’s next’, but Moises’ excellent book helps us understand the important ‘why’ and ‘how’ of this recent shift in power.

Moises also lays out 3 simultaneous revolutions (and no, the Internet is not one of them) that are fueling this sweeping shift in the dynamics of power. These will give you a new language and context for power, and will help you interpret the daily news in a fresh and more nuanced way.


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