021: How To Reconcile Work-Life Conflict | Brigid Schulte | ‘Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has the Time’

By Maya Mathias | Journalists

It’s going to take a tipping point of women (and a few good men) to create more family-friendly workplaces.

With her book ‘Overwhelmed’, Brigid Schulte joins Sheryl Sandberg, Anne-Marie Slaughter and several other women in leading the charge for more work-life integration.

Although we’ve made great strides in understanding the need for more flexibility and greater consideration of family time, far too many workplaces still cling to the 1950’s model of the man being the sole breadwinner, and the woman staying home to tend to home and hearth. And far too many of us, both men and women, still carry this same unconscious bias. It’s easy to fall into our idealized 1950s roles at home, even though as many as 75% of American mothers with school-going children now work outside the home.

It’s clear that, in America and many other growing economies, our inner ideals haven’t caught up to our changed outer reality.

Brigid takes us on a personal and investigative journey, from the self-doubts of intensive parenting to how all our brains (literally) shrink under stress. Through it all, she ponders 3 key questions that help us cut through the overwhelm at work and at home: How much is enough? When is it good enough? And how will I know?

I end this episode with a provocative question about the way we spend time. It may not be the most pleasant thing to admit to ourselves, but it could be just the thing to jolt us back to reality.

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