022: Be Productive And Engaged With What Matters | David Allen | ‘Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress-Free Productivity’

By Maya Mathias | Businessmen

It’s never too late to have a ‘mind like water’.

Doesn’t it suck when there’s a ton of things to do, and never enough time to do it?

David Allen has spent 3 decades helping leaders take charge of their calendars, inboxes and lives. He loves nothing more than to sit with an overwhelmed executive, help them capture everything that’s been causing them mental overload and undue anxiety, and teach them his 5-step methodology to get things done and get a better handle on the complexities of an ever-changing workplace and world.

Sounds like my kind of guy, and my kind of time management system.

And yet, despite knowing that I will adopt and love his GTD system, I found myself questioning some of the assumptions and statements in his book. In my years of working with people of all backgrounds, creative inclinations and project management abilities, there are important exceptions to his rules. I talk about them in this episode – they’re important landmines to navigate as you consider adopting GTD for yourself and others.

That said, he does offer one way to develop a ‘mind like water’, one that can stay present and focused when it counts.


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