023: Practicing Spirituality Amid Urban Life | David Gregory | ‘How’s Your Faith? – An Unlikely Spiritual Journey’

By Maya Mathias | Journalists

What if we COULD be more faithful in a harsh and cynical world?

 This is a book I’ve been waiting for.

There has been a growing dis-ease among many of us who lead busy urban lives…a yearning for customs and traditions that honor the faiths we’re born into, without feeling ensnared by them.

What can or should we do to embrace the faith-based practices we were born into? Is our desire to rebel against them or to walk a different path necessary or even healthy? There are no simple answers, for I believe that the journey of faith and spirituality is ultimately a personal one.

David Gregory approaches his exploration of faith with a refreshing honesty and intensity. Born into an interfaith family, and now the head of his own interfaith household, David navigates the rich and deep terrain of walking a spiritual path with others who practice their faith in different and equally profound ways. I see his journey as a microcosm of what we need to recognize and reconcile as a global family…a family rich with otherworldly traditions that ultimately seek to nourish and uplift us all.

If you’re ready to embrace or deepen your own spiritual journey, I invite to join my ‘Make Peace With Faith’ program.

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