026: New Year, New World And Our New Programming | Maya Mathias

By Maya Mathias | Philosophers

So, 2016 just happened. Now what?

Here we are at the beginning of 2017, and about to usher in a brave new and even more uncertain world. The Western hemisphere is swept up in political upsets and waves of unexpected immigration. The Eastern hemisphere is dealing with rumblings from rising nations on the economic and nuclear stage.

As your show producer and host, the ‘soulful at work and home’ premise I launched this podcast with now feels incomplete. There are tectonic shifts happening all around us, and it’s time for us to reflect and respond to these shifts for the sake of both world peace and inner peace.

Listen to this episode of The Executive Book Club podcast and learn:

  • more about our thoughtful shift in programming and book selection
  • why 2017 is a milestone personally and for the planet
  • details of my new venture to help us all expand our perspective, peace and purpose

If you’re ready to step up and step into what you feel called to do in this life, then become a member of Lead for the World today.

Till next time, remember to live well and lead large.

About the Author

Maya Mathias helps her clients lead with the strategic mind of a scientist, the resilient heart of a warrior and the inventive soul of an artist. Read more about Maya here.