003: Resist or Flow Through Life? | Jill Shinn | ‘Remembering Who You Are’

By Maya Mathias | Philosophers

Physics solved this long ago.

You may remember from Physics class that resistance is the opposition to the passage of an electric current through a conducting material. The inverse quantity is electrical conductance, the ease with which an electric current passes.

If this concept was something we could grasp in Science class, why is it challenging for us to embrace it in the human condition?

Things like the aging process, losing a loved one and experiencing intense emotions are a natural part of the human condition, and yet we often do everything in our power to resist them e.g. by using anti-aging creams, or by pretending everything’s ok and ‘just moving on’ when a tragedy strikes.

In this episode I talk about the concept of flow & resistance, through the lens of physics, positive psychology and spiritual growth.

I then offer you a practical exercise to try out in your personal life.


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Till next time, remember to live well and lead large.

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